Josh & Ranger

When Jessie told me her idea to take photos in Laramie, Wyoming - where she and Josh work and live - I couldn't wait.  I loved Wyoming, their house, Josh's made-from-scratch pizza and of course, the sweetest dog Ranger.  Don't worry, he's featured at the end!

Jonathan & Jennifer

Jonathan & Jennifer are stunning together.  I really enjoy getting to know our couples in anticipation of their wedding day.  These two are passionate about music.  They are so flipping talented!  Jonathan is intense about his black and white photos, so I made sure to include more than usual.  We also stopped at a couple of the beautiful churches downtown that each of them had previously performed in.  The architecture is stunning.  David had laid stone on the tower pictured below - it is terrifying to see, because all I do is imagine him on scaffolding, who knows how many feet in the air!  I loved so many of the colors we ran into, and the light we ended the session with.  Jonathan & Jennifer, I can't wait for your wedding day!

Neil & Amber

Amber has been in my life since forever.  She's kind, beautiful and I always loved hanging out with her family.  When we met Neil, there's no way to even explain how perfect they were for each other.  David and I were so excited to shoot their wedding a few months ago.  All I see in these photographs are happy people having the time of their lives.  Neil and Amber spread so much happiness wherever they went that day - it was beyond lovely.  And the weather was perfect!  They did a first look, and took all of their photos before the ceremony so they could head to the reception faster.  Neil's reaction to her coming down the aisle is still incredible.  I love Amber and her Dad together, walking to Neil, who loves her somehow more than her father.  So we saw friends, tasted some delicious scotch, David photobombed a picture or two - oh and we took photos.  A lot of photos.  Here is just a peak into Amber & Neil's wedding day...

Luke Laughlin: local music producer

Luke Laughlin has been on the music scene in Tulsa for several years, since he was in high school working as a DJ.  When he started creating music, Luke slowly turned his focus away from DJ-ing to producing.  Along with making beautiful music of his own, he also runs a recording studio for musicians looking for a way to get their music out for people to hear.  It's a rough industry that is highly competitive.  Hanging out with Luke was really refreshing.  Getting to hear what someone is passionate about, and then trying to infuse their brand and vibe into photographs is an incredible process.  

Want to hear Luke Laughlin's music?  Click here:

A Devil's Den Engagement

Kat is a cross fit lady and a nurse.  Dusty is a firefighter.  Together they are basically saving the world, and I was ecstatic to shoot a few engagement photos for them in Arkansas.  We got lucky with how beautiful the weather was.  Dusty and Kat have the craziest schedules - they like to get away from it all at Devil's Den State Park.  So we packed up water, snacks and did a short hike, while I photographed it all.  I was thrilled at the change of pace, the ease of shooting and the beauty of capturing them together in a place they loved.  From setting up camp and goofing off, to finding quiet moments, here's Dusty and Kat...